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Transcript of GES Restructuring Video

The Grenada School District is seeking approval from the Mississippi Department of Education to restructure our elementary schools from a PreK-3 and 4-5 structure to a single PreK-5 structure, which will now be known simply as Grenada Elementary School.

In many ways, the elementary schools at Grenada have always been one — two buildings in the same complex with a shared mission: to provide the best fundamental learning experience to the children of Grenada County.

By joining our resources and sharing expertise between the two schools, Grenada Elementary can now draw on the strengths of both schools with the goal of elevating our entire elementary program.

We've found great success in grades K-3 with the looping method of instruction, which allows students to work with the same teacher for two consecutive years. The remarkable growth shown by these children, both academically and socially, convinced us to extend this opportunity to fourth graders.

By joining the elementary schools, we can continue to advance our shared curriculum, from reading program to our computer-based i-Ready instruction to our Project Lead the Way classes, which accelerate math and science skills throughout all elementary grades.

This move will also improve communication among teachers at every elementary grade level and promote a useful flow of ideas and strategies.

With an easier transition to upper grades, we believe our students will be more successful academically and socially, and they'll be better prepared for middle and high school.

Grenada School District prides itself on offering an education that lasts not from one grade to the next, or even one school to the next, but for a student's entire journey, from PreK to 12th grade. And the journey begins right here … at Grenada Elementary School.